Our Services

The Education Alliance offers a broad array of advisory, data analytics and consulting services along with a team of experienced scholar practitioners offering their expertise in their respective fields of practice, supported by a wealth of research market data compiled over the last 30 years.

The Alliance feasibility assessments, research studies and recommendations are developed collaboratively to generate the most powerful and predictive research results available in the education ecosystem with our institutional and corporate clients. 

Early College Programming

The Education Alliance brings 30 years of experience helping schools, colleges and universities become more competitive, profitable, impactful and sustainable institutions, Our services include curriculum alignment, faculty development, program customization, marketing and promoting dual and concurrent enrollment models, strategic partnering targets and the keys to building a sustainable business model. 

Collegetown Planning and Development

Alliance consultants provide creative collegetown planning, programming, and partnering for purposes of creating a collegetown synergy of co-development and joint venture partners.  Alliance advisors conduct necessary feasibility studies, appraisals, and business development marketing and promotion - bringing collegetown visions into net profitable, mutual growth, win-win results.


Strategic Partnerships

The Alliance works with Samels Associates, Alliance Prep and Stonegate Alliance clients, colleagues and partners to establish mission complementary, net profitable relationships that lead to co-branding co-marketing opportunities.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Uniquely, the Alliance provides the full range of higher education planning, programming, licensing and accrediting, marketing and promotion, and media services designed to serve a diverse portfolio of clients.  Alliance client projects include creating new institutions, transforming schools and colleges into universities.

Alliance business and regulatory experience extends across the nation and overseas.

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