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Our Services

The Education Alliance brings together a multidisciplinary team of experienced scholar practitioners offering expertise in their respective fields of practice, supported by a wealth of research market data compiled over the last 35 years.

The Alliance's feasibility assessments, case studies, and analytic recommendations are developed collaboratively with clients to generate the most powerful and predictive research results available in the learning ecosystem.

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Early College, Pre-College, and Really Early College Programming

The Education Alliance brings to the table 35 years of experience helping schools, colleges and universities become more competitive, impactful and sustainable. Our services include curriculum alignment, faculty development, program customization, marketing and promoting dual and concurrent enrollment models, strategic partnering targets and sustainable Early College business models.


Collegetown Planning and Development

Alliance consultants provide creative collegetown planning, programming, and partnering for purposes of creating a collegetown synergy of co-development and joint venture partners.  Alliance advisors conduct need and demand studies, appraisals, business development, marketing, and promotion - bringing collegetown visions into net profitable, mutual growth, win-win results.


Strategic Partnerships

The Alliance works with Samels Associates, Alliance Prep and Stonegate Alliance clients, colleagues and partners to establish mission complementary, net profitable relationships that lead to co-branding co-marketing opportunities.


Comprehensive Advisory Consulting Services

Uniquely, the Alliance provides the full range of higher education and K-12 planning, programming, licensing and accrediting, marketing and promotion, and media services designed to serve a diverse portfolio of clients.  Alliance client projects include creating new institutions, transforming schools into colleges into universities. Alliance business and regulatory experience extends across the nation and overseas.

Strategic Planning

Comprehensive strategic planning services, including visioning, priority goal setting, peer and aspirant comparisons, environmental scanning, benchmarking, long-range forecasting, market repositioning, and the research and preparation of strategic

Public Relations

The Alliance publishes a wide range of books, opinion editorials, feature stories, journal articles, and monographs, and offers research, preparation and placement of news, opinions, and features in major higher education print and electronic media.

Program Development & Accreditation

Comprehensive academic and program development, regional and specialty accreditation, academic licensing, institutional preparedness and new program feasibility studies, undergraduate and graduate degree and certification completion, curriculum development, faculty and professional development, library and learning resource enrichment, student and alumni preference polling, employer market surveys, outcomes assessment and quality control, and multi-state academic licensure and accreditation.

Leadership Development

AllianceCoaching is the premier experience in higher education leadership development - inspiring, mentoring, and enabling the next generation of higher learning thought leaders. With advice, guidance and support from AllianceCoaching, new leaders develop informed intuition, confidence, and poise - key leadership qualities to apply in real world situations on campus and beyond.

sports mgmt

Stonegate Alliance provides research, technical assistance, and support to institutions seeking to create or upgrade programs in the field of pro sports management and collegiate athletic programs and facilities. This includes curriculum development, internship clearinghouse services, pro sports connectivity and advisory board networking.

Organizational Development

Institutional restructuring and organizational development augments and strengthens an institution’s in-house restructuring and organizational and development capabilities. Working directly with the institution’s executive staff and board of trustees, the Alliance helps assess emergent restructuring and organizational development needs.

Strategic Partnering

Strategic partnering provides technical advice, support, and guidance in the identification of prospective mission complementary merger, consolidation, and program transfer partners, conducting due diligence, and the negotiation, drafting and implementation of joint ventures, affiliations, transfer articulations, consortia, and other research sharing collaborations.

Preventive Education Law

Samels Associates concentrates its practice in the field of preventive education law and proactive legal planning. Services include case management, best practices implementation for campus-wide policies and procedures, intellectual property, and legal audit.

International Education

The Alliance provides comprehensive international education services including multi-national campus development, global positioning, and marketing. This includes the design, construction, programming, and staffing of overseas branch campuses.

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