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About the Alliance

The  paramount mission of the Alliance is to provide our clients with the shared resources of a world class full service higher education advisory and  consulting organization.  The Education Alliance offers its clients a unique combination of  environmental scanning, benchmarking, best practices, consulting experience, proprietary data analytics, just in time solutions, and, importantly, state, local, national and global education market positioning, strategic partnerships, and prominent media feature story coverage.

Under the umbrella of The Education Alliance, there are six distinct practice areas with synergistic missions.

The Samels Group

Higher Education Consultants

The founding advisory and consulting arm of the Education Alliance was formed to assist institutions of higher education face the complex economic and demographic challenges and opportunities facing the industry.


Alliance Prep

Secondary and Early College Consulting Services

Alliance Prep serves public schools, prep schools, charter schools and the larger secondary school market, ensuring that students are prepared to succeed in school and at the college level. The Education Alliance's Early College programs serve to connect students with learning opportunities in their fields of interest.


Stonegate Alliance

Sports and Media

Stonegate Alliance was founded to develop connectivity between the world of sports and education.  Through its linkages to professional sports and collegiate athletics, health, wellness and fitness, the Alliance provides a broad range of professional services, development, and leadership networking. 


Samels Associates

Attorneys at Law

Samels Associates concentrates its practice in the field of mergers, consolidations, joint ventures and the legal and regulatory environment.  Attorneys are an integral resource to all Alliance clients for a broad set of issues ranging from licensure and accreditation to contracts, human resources, intellectual property and preventive legal audit.



Executive and Faculty Recruiting and Outplacement

Through the Alliance's global network, we match qualified, experienced and credentialed colleagues with positions offering the best opportunities and challenges int he ever changing world of higher education.


Alliance Coaching

Leadership Development

Alliance Coaching provides advice, guidance and support through professional mentoring to inspire and enable the next generation of higher education thought leaders.

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